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The Internet advertising market has grown year after year. Internet advertising expenses have exceeded one trillion, five hundred billion yen(*1). Meanwhile, the use of Internet advertisements is becoming more important in corporate marketing activities.
We have focused on smartphone advertising for a long time. We are enhancing the production and distribution system for digital video ads, which have been growing dramatically. In addition, by establishing a unit specialized in branding ads in which needs have recently increased, we provide solutions based on our knowledge and executive power as a digital media agency. Our activities also include a forecast of the effects of ads, presentation of ideas for improvements and joint research with universities towards the provision of support for advertisement creation with using AI technologies.
We support your marketing activities through the global development of comprehensive marketing support services using the track records and knowhow that we have cultivated by operating Internet ads.

(*1) Source: Overview of Advertising Expenditures in Japan for 2017, DENTSU INC.

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01 Digital Video Ads Service

Today, more consumers are increasingly viewing videos on the Internet, and video ads are becoming a more important means of communication with consumers.
For services relating to video ads, Septeni offers integrated support, for example, designing communications according to the purpose of advertisers, producing advertising video materials and setting indices for effects.
Additionally, we have constructed a system that can achieve a high level of quality and effectiveness, including ownership of a subsidiary specialized in the creation of advertising materials.

Studio producing video ads materials

  • 制作スタジオ1
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02 Branding Ads Service

For branding ads services, Septeni offers coherent assistance, effectively utilizing the knowhow that has been cultivated from the creation of direct response ads, ranging from designing high-precision indices leading to good sales, planning for the appropriate verification of effects, to the execution. Our marketing support services are provided for advertisers in a wide range of industries.
We offer solutions to advertisers that are focused on direct response marketing and also wish to raise brand awareness for potential customers to enhance the customer segment as well as advertisers who are planning to place their first brand ads on the Internet.

  • 幅広い業種の企業のサポート

03 Global Service

Septeni Group has expanded its businesses globally and constructed a system of global support for corporate marketing since 2012, with 11 bases in eight countries (U.S., Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia).

  • 海外8カ国11拠点によるグローバルにサポートできる体制を構築