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A message to job seekers from our President Koki Sato.

Koki Sato

Willpower manifests in people.
There are people who are determined to achieve personal growth and keep their passion inside.
There are people who aim high and picture achievement of some kind in the future.
There are people willing to grow who express their desire to try again even if they fail.
All workers at Septeni have goals of their own, undergo worry and develop a desire to act aligned with their own actions.
They are trying to enjoy their actions, instead of doing something others tell them to do. This sense of involvement is essential for personal growth.
People with this awareness always grow. Their company grows in due course, too, when they have this awareness. You should work toward your ideals when your goals and the course your company seeks are in agreement.
All people change. All people have potential for growth.
Septeni is waiting for you with a culture and an environment that allows you to make the most of the energy you have.

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