Integrated Marketing

Shaping the future of digital marketing

Septeni provides integrated marketing solutions that encompasses 360-degree measures from boosting brand recognition to customer development and synchronizes them all together into one centralized system. We believe in this system because it allows us to be the best partner we can be for our clients to support them on their unique business journey.

Full-Funnel Marketing

Today, it is becoming more and more difficult to achieve expected business results simply by using marketing efforts focused solely on direct-response advertising in digital marketing.
Rather than separating marketing efforts, Septeni believes it is critical for marketing efforts pushing brand recognition among new customers, action plans, and retention of existing customers to form as a single, comprehensive workflow. Our full-funnel marketing approach is a philosophy that takes an over-arching view and incorporates brand recognition to customer development working to design an integrated and comprehensive online and offline marketing approach that can be altogether optimized.

Partnership with Dentsu Group

Septeni and Dentsu Group have constructed a seamlessly-integrated online and offline partnership to provide integrated marketing solutions for our clients. Our partnership with Dentsu addresses critical client pain points such as how to combine online and offline marketing elements in order to maximize KGI results along with other marketing goals and how to assess results while planning future efforts accordingly. The synergy created between these two agencies brings about highly-specialized know-hows and allows us to provide the highest quality of services to our clients.