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Comprehensive marketing support services are implemented through the utilization of the Internet. We provide the operation of marketing platforms such as cloud-based CRM services and affiliate networks as our group services, in addition to the sale of smartphone-based Internet advertising. Outside Japan, we operate sixteen offices to establish a cross-border transaction system for Internet advertising.

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Business focus

Defining three promising areas as Business focus, namely the mobile, social and global areas, the policy envisions the strengthening of the existing businesses in these areas and pushing ahead with new business development

Mobile / Social / Global

01 MobileService

We began shifting our resources to smartphone ads in 2011. Advertising on smartphone platforms has since been growing at a rapid pace. The share of smartphone ad sales is increasing massively.

  • スマートフォン広告売上高推移
  • Main business media
  • Yahoo! Marketing Solutions Certified Agency

02 Social Service

In 2010 we began to engage in business related to Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, ahead of the competition. Our early start allowed us to accumulate advanced expertise and we are highly rated by different media for our track record in dealing with ads and for our independently developed software. We also obtained multiple recognitions related to marketing. We therefore have a strong competitive edge.

  • ソーシャルメディア関連売上高推移
  • 流れ

03 Global Service

We established 16 bases in 7 countries of Asia and in 2 countries of Europe and North America. Each of these has a cross-border Internet advertising transaction system with Japan to provide Internet marketing support services, mainly for local businesses.

  • 海外売上高推移
  • Operating out of bases in five locations
overseas with a cross-border trading system